Saturday, 20 June 2020

Safety First, high quality borosilicate glass, everytime!

Why you should always make sure your glass pipes, glass bongs and bubblers, or your dab rigs and oil burners are manufactured from borosilicate glass.

The first and only reason is safety and lessening the risk of serious, life-changing injuries. First, we need to not necessarily understand physics; but we do have to appreciate some physics. Have you ever wondered how a thermometer works? It is because when things get hotter, they expand or get bigger and when they get colder they contract or become smaller. So, when it’s a warm day the liquid in the thermometer expands and travels up the tube and on a cold day, the liquid contracts and drops down the thermometer. It’s not just liquids in a tube that do this, it is everything to a smaller or larger degree. This degree of how much something expands or contracts is given a number or coefficient and the lower this number the less a thing expands or contracts when heated or cooled. The higher the number, the more a thing expands or contracts with heat or cold. The chemicals and materials used to make borosilicate glass when combined, create a material with a very low expansion number. This means that when it is subjected to extremes of heat and cold it does not expand or contract violently like when you put boiling water into a glass straight from the freezer and it shatters into hundreds of pieces. This is because normal glass can only withstand a change of temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius. Whereas borosilicate glass can withstand a temperature swing of 165 degrees Celsius. It can also hold its shape in heated environments up to around 500 degrees Celsius. This is why glass cookware is normally made from borosilicate glass, you might have heard of it as PyrexTM which is a trademark name for borosilicate glass.

So, before you go using any old bottle or piece of glassware and think of turning it into a homemade or custom glass bong. Think about it. Think am I going to heat this glass with a high-temperature heat source like a jet flame lighter? Could that glass potentially get too hot too quickly and shatter? Is that glass close to my face and eyes? Is it worth the risk of losing my sight or the sight of someone else who is vaping from a homemade glass bubbler you made and who doesn’t know the dangers?

Just because it’s borosilicate glass, It doesn't mean it's indestructible, it does break if dropped and can crack and become weaker when you apply heat to glass. Always take care when using heat on any type of glass.

Other things to look out for to prevent accidents or injuries are:
  • ·    Check your glassware for defects or cracks. If it is damaged don’t use it, it is much more likely to break.
  • ·    If you do break some glass, don’t use your bare hands to clear it up, wear gloves and use a dustpan and brush before vacuuming the area.

In the event of an accident have a first aid kit to hand and seek appropriate medical attention

Always take care and keep safe. A cut or burn may heal well and may not even scar, however, your sight is a different thing

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Windproof lighters | Jet lighters vs USB rechargeable lighters

No blow outs

Windproof lighters come in two main categories; Electric coil or pressurised butane gas jet flame lighters. Here at Dragons Head Shop, we have both types, the electric coil or USB rechargeable lighters used mainly for cigarettes, cigars or rollups. By pressing a button the Tesla coil heats up, glows red and by holding your cigarette to the coil of your USB rechargeable lighter the conducted heat from the coil ignites your cigarette.
 A butane powered windproof lighter works on jet flame lighter technology and burns more of the fuel at a higher
Black lighter - Image by Colin Sabatier
temperature to produce a cleaner flame and is ignited by a spark which is created simultaneously that passes through the pressurised butane gas which is released when the jet lighter is operated.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Help us reach 100 five-star reviews, please. Dragons Head Shop...

Dragons Head Shop are currently sat on 98 five-star reviews and by the power of my maths brain; I make that 2-off 100. Please, help us get to that 100 5 star review milestone.

current 98 star review badge for dragons head shop

The person who gives us the 100th five-star review will receive a £20 gift card to spend in the shop.

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Thanks in advance to #100

Friday, 8 May 2020

Out of this world - C1 Sci-Fi Bong and Quartz Banger from Dragons Head Shop

Grab this compact, sturdy and geek chic stylish glass bong/ oil rig  today from Dragons Head Shop 

To infinty and beyond!

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Glass bubbler SALE | Skull collection | Time to party your face off


Glass bubbler skull bongs talking, one says I don't know about you Bert; but I feel like partying my face off

Fancy something different?
Glass bubbler skull bongs
Prices chopped!

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Thursday, 30 April 2020

the new low-profile adapters have arrived

They can be seen here:

The new low-profile adapters that transform your 18mm to a 14mm and your 14mm to 10 mm joint. The low-profile design minimises any loss of flow.

18/14mm Adapter

14/10mm Adapter


Dragons Head Shop

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Why I still want to see smokers shops on the street Dragons Head Shop

Where can you buy smoking supplies these days? Why are smoke shops not as common anymore? Not so long ago it seemed that  in the capital  at least smoke shops London had aplenty. They were not just for going and buying a packet of 10 or 20 everyday cigarettes, they were places to go and look in amazement at the smoking pipes and elaborate glass bongs, they stocked all the smoke supplies and smoke paraphernalia that you could ever need and more. It seems sad in a way that in this eCommerce age you can’t really experience the wonder unless you just buy before you try from a 2d picture from a website. There is no doubt that we  as one of the smoke shops online are delivering fantastic products to a larger customer base. However, gone are the days when you could find smoke shops near me or pipe shops near me in real life rather than on google maps. It doesn’t really matter the physical location; I think people are trying to say without realizing it that they want a physical store. So, for now unless there is  a major resurgence in tobacco smoking, which seems unlikely, we have to suck it up and buy pipes online and hope they are like the picture on the screen you clicked “buy now”

You can rest assured rhat at Dragons Head Shop you will get what you see

Here is one of our latest products: